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Western USA

“Tom Reed uses his experience in both Japanese calligraphy and

sumi-e for the creative energy in his photographic images. With patience and sharp awareness of the subject matter, he has stepped beyond ordinary landscape photographs, and created extraordinary ones.”

--Dr. Shozo Sato 

(professor emeritus in Japanese aesthetics,

U of Illinois)

"Your book arrived here safely this morning. Not many books can literally pause one's breath -- yours does, and did so for me. I opened it and immediately looked at every page and every picture. Your balance of life and art is commendable, your photographs sublime yet ever powerful. I look forward to sitting and reading your story as well. I treasure your book; it has inspired me."

              --Ed Webster,

Renowned Mountaineer

mayan with black.jpg

Totems of the High Mountain Lakes

"Your work is the personification of a photographer's photographer.  Is it over-the-top to say 'Ansel Adams zone system delicious'?  ...Just gorgeous work."

--Scot Wittman,

Dean of Arts, Rutgers Prep

 "Tom... your photos are breathtaking, exquisite and hauntingly beautiful. Soul stirring. A delicate balance of fragility and power. You are the best at somehow capturing awe and speaking of this Life in Spirit. It is an honor to know and communicate with the profound presence you bring forth in this world. Thank you for your priceless gift to humanity."       --Lora

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