the west

mathers hole
mathers hole

Tall Trees

the canyon, april 16

 half dome  in a breaking storm
half dome
in a breaking storm

the canyon, april 7, #3

oregon coast
oregon coast

cacti in the canyon

stain spirit
stain spirit
rafting the yampa
raft on the yampa
the fault
the fault

the canyon, april 7, #6


the dolores


wall of the dolores


running lava falls


dolores canyon wall


the canyon, april 17, #3

swallow nests

swallow nests


the calm before the storm

 owyhee floor

owyhee floor

the canyon, april 7, #2

lone juniper

lone juniper

sunlit blocks

the canyon, april 7, #4

the canyon, April 17, #1

Listening to the songs

of chickadees

the canyon, April 17, #2



box eldrs

box elders

the canyon, april 7, #5

mt irvine from 395

in the rain shadow of mt whitney

three aspens

granite reflections

granite and pine

lone foxtail

bighorn mesa

blacktail canyon

clouds over the san juan

bend of the kanab

wall of the green


a glimpse of granite

morning reflection

ancient pine

granite and pine #2


sierra reflection

big trees

redwood trunks

redwood abstract

coastal mist

copse of timber

shafts and columns

trees on the walls of zion

a wall of zion

sun on the slopes of zion

Here are a few photographs made in the Western States: some of the sierras, some of Redwoods in Prairie Creek State Park of California, Some from the bottoms of river canyons cutting through the deserts, and some from the coast of Oregon. 


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