Tom Reed is a wilderness photographer now based inthe Eureka/Arcata area on the coast of Northern California. While his art is nature photography in general, he specializes in black and white landscape photography, especially mountain photography, which he exhibits as fine art. In recent years Tom focused on creating portraits of granite towers in Patagonia, Argentina, especially Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, a.k.a. “El Chaltén,” for his book, “The Granite Avatars of Patagonia,” Now Tom has a new collection of dramatic phtotos all taken form his Alaska Cabin about to be published in a book titled "Moved by a Mountain". You will also find Photos of canyon rivers, and the Eastern sierras, as well as few of the sea and old-growth forests.

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NEW Book: "Moved by a Mountain"

book: "The Granite Avatars of Patagonia"

Book: "The Other Side"

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"My art is black and white photography, inspired by many, but especially by the photographs of Ansel Adams, the plein air paintings of the Sierras by Edgar Payne, the wilderness paintings of the Hudson River School, and the deep understanding of aesthetics by Dr. Shozo Sato, a master of the fine arts of Japan. 
The subject is often dramatic mountain peaks, but you will find more than mountain photography. I am also moved by forests, canyons, and waves of the wild ocean.
All are natural compositions.  The medium is digital, each photograph bears my personal “chop” or red ink stamp, a traditional way if indicating authorship in Chinese and Japanese ink painting. It is my hope that my images will create a stirring of awe and instill a reverence for the spectacular planet that we inhabit and must care for."


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