cerro catedral

el chalten in a breaking storm

el chalten at first light

el chalten and a meadow

el chalten at dawn

first light on el chalten

lago de los tres

el chalten y la lenga

laguna negra

the tower from the north moraine

lago sucio

the tower

el chalten at sunset

el chaltén at sunset

aguja de la silla

el chalten and driftwood

el chaltén and driftwood

climber at paso superior

climber at paso superior

moon and standhardt

the moon at standhardt

cerro dientes del perro de cerro barda negra

dog's teeth

cerro torre y la lenga

lenga and light on the tower

el chalten form the forest

el chaltén from the forest

moon over the tower

el torre y la luna

climber descending from paso superior

descent from paso superior

cerro navidad

tronador from cerro navidad

chorillo del salto

chorillo del salto

saint exupery

saint exupery

torre y lenga

el torre y la lenga



chalten at sunset (hor)

el chaltén at sunset (hor)

chalten from pliege

from the edge of the forest

torre and moon

the moon behind cerro torre

north face

the north face


monte tronador


high pastures


el chaltén from the trail


el torre from high on the valley wall

west face

the west face


ice in laguna torre

del pueblo

entering el pueblo at dawn

east face

the east face


el torre above adela


beyond comprehension


king and queen


from cerro madsen


evil sky




dawn at the base of cerro torre


the great ice wave


lenga skeleton


el chaltén from the road




el chaltén

from loma de las pizarras


"Most of The photographs in this collection were taken during two visits to southern Argentina’s Andes, at 49 degrees of latitude in an area known as Patagonia.  Almost all of them are taken in the back-country while on backpacking trips. The dramatic lighting in some of them ocurred just before or after sunrise.  The two most prominent mountains photographed are granite spires named “Cerro Torre”  (Tower Mt.) and “Monte Fitz Roy.”  The Telhuelche Indians call Fitz Roy “Chaltén”, which  means “smoking mountain”.  I prefer to use the Telhuelche name, as I prefer “Denali” over “McKinley” (though Fitz Roy, the captain of the Beagle, was the first European to see the mountain, and deserves having a mountain named after him more than a guy behind a desk in Washington,  D.C.)
            Four of the photographs were made on other backpacing trips in Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, at 41° South Latitude. They are entitled “Laguna Negra,” Monte tronador, Tronador from Cerro Navidad, and “Cerro Catedral.” Another, "dog's teeth," was taken from the top of Cerro Barda Negra near El Bolson. "Swirl" was taken at the base of Cerro Castillo, in Chile. Cerro Torre and El Chaltén are the subject of my forthcoming book, "The Granite Avatars of Patagonia," that explores the feeling of awe we feel at the sight of such magestic peaks. "

Tom Reed

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