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The power felt in a grove of Old-Growth Redwoods
is truly awesome.

Only 4% of primal redwood forests are still standing.
Many of those trees are in protected groves around the area of Humboldt Bay, where I now live.

These giant trees are extremely difficult to capture with a camera.
I feel that this image, titled "Big Trees," not only captures the feeling arboreal majesty,
but does so in the style of the great romantic painters of the 19th century, especially those of the Hudson River School.

These titans have witnessed many centuries, and are often called "the Ancients."
In this poster I call them "Sentinels of the Coast"
because they are so tall they seem to be watching over the Pacific horizon, still, after so many hundreds of years.

If you Love Old Growth Redwoods,

Please Support the Save the Redwoods League


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