Moved by a Mountain

Inspiration from an Alpine View in Alaska


Tom Reed

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first customer comments:

"Got the books Christmas Eve. They are beautiful and the perfect gift for friends and family. Nice work!"
--Willy, Alaska

"I spent part of my day reading Moved by a Mountain, and I really enjoyed it. The writing is exceptional, the photographs are majestic."
--Christine, California

"I just read your book. I do not know what I enjoy more, your words or your fotos—of course it’s both.
Entropy—physics—physical—dignity—so much in your book. Thanks Tom for your thoughts, heart, and damn excellent photography."
--Ron, New Mexico

"The book is beautiful. I've really enjoyed the writings, quotes and photos. It's a wonderful book and very well done. Congratulations and thanks,
it really resonates with me, I've enjoyed it very much."
--Paul, California

“I've just spent a couple hours reading and admiring your Moved by a Mountain.  You've outdone yourself. 
‘...Avatars’ was awesome, but this is a whole step up in elegance, beauty, and prose.  Thank you.  It is a pleasure." 
--Chad, California

“Love the book! Seriously beautiful And the quotes couldn't be more apropos. Will get enjoyment all of my days.”
--Beverly, Arizona

“There are not many words to describe the beauty of this book and its photographs. I hope it will inspire all of us to help protect these fragile beautiful places.”
--Mike, Massachusetts

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11x9,” Landscape, 48 pp, softcover.

Publication date 3/25/13
ISBN: 978-0-9885229-0-9

Features 23 full-page black and white photos of mountains and glaciers taken from author's cabin. Also contains 21 smaller photos. Text describes finding the land, building the cabin, and explores the question: “How and why are humans inspired by mountain views?” includes many profound quotes on the subject. This is a thought-provoking, and aesthetically-arresting book.

From the Back Cover:

“Like catching moisture laden winds and gathering them into visible clouds, mountains capture our highest imaginations and reflect our noblest spirit. They have been the home of Gods and Goddesses, the physical embodiment of unchanging truth and stability, the very essence of majesty and awe. Tom Reed’s Moved by a Mountain does more for our personal relationship to mountains than any book should be expected to do. Sit with these pictures, let them work on your heart and soul, understand more about what mountains might mean for the future of humanity, and most of all, find yourself in awe.”
--John Davis, Ph.D., Naropa University and School of Lost Borders

“Tom Reed’s Moved by a Mountain, offers us an engaging narrative of one man’s struggle to find himself and the significance of his existence among the majestic splendor of the Alaskan Mountains.  To help us understand his journey to discover the source of his inspiration, Reed delivers to the reader a magnificent collection of inspiring photographs that one can find nowhere else.”   
 --Thomas Campbell, physicist, consciousness researcher

“There's more to climbing mountains than physical and mental acuity. There's the magical experience of being on the mountain, seeing the intense beauty of the rarefied mountainscape, and feeling what it has to teach. In Moved by a Mountain, Tom Reed’s stunning images and thoughtful text remind us that we can learn qualities of personal integrity not only from climbing a majestic mountain, but from looking at one, if our eyes and hearts are open.”

--David Breashears, mountaineer, filmmaker, speaker


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“The aesthetic experience is a simple beholding of the experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest. This radiance, the perception of beauty, is regarded as a communication of the hidden power behind the world, shining through some physical form.”
-- Joseph Campbell