The Granite Avatars of Patagonia by Tom Reed

The Granite Avatars of Patagonia

by photographer and writer
Tom Reed

with a forward to the photographs by Dr. Shozo Sato

10 by 12 inches, Hardback, with dustjacket

96 pages, forty 8x10” black and white photographs
printed on art matte paper
and forty-three pages of text, with color photographs inset, written in the Southern Andes of Argentina.

Top Honorable Mention of the Eric Hoffer Award

1000 copies printed, 700 sold, only 300 left.

“Sophisticated black and white images alternate with Reed's description of the adventures that made those images possible, photos and text nestled in a clean, Zen-like, high concept design. His writing persona hovers somewhere between ecospiritualist and son of the Beat generation, with an occasional nod to Hemingway.” --Irene D. Thomas, Ph.D., Author
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“With patience and sharp awareness of the subject matter, Tom Reed has stepped beyond ordinary landscape photographs, and created extraordinary ones.” . . . . --Shozo Sato, Professor of Japanese Aesthetics

“Despite its borderline pantheism Tom Reed’s THE GRANITE AVATARS OF PATAGONIA offers a powerful and moving description of one of the world’s most awesome sights: the granite towers of Patagonia, notably Cerro Torre and El Chaltén. Mindful of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, and pollution, the narrative nevertheless manages, in inimitably beautiful English, to focus on the awesomeness, beauty, intimacy, and sacredness of nature in one of its most dramatic moments.”
–Thomas Berry, ecotheologian, geologian, cultural historian

"Patagonia has a keen, close observer in Tom Reed. His feeling for the landscape and its wild power comes through in his photographs and writing and in the questions he raises about ourselves as natural beings acting in a natural world." . -- Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia Inc

“Tom’s work is powerful and clean. This book reveals his intimate relationship with the granite spires of Patagonia, and his choice of black and white capture provides a unique perspective. I hope one day I can be shooting at his
side in places of such awesome beauty...” -- G. Brad Lewis ( internationally recognized nature photographer)


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Responses from the first to receive the book:

"Your book is stunning. The photos look way different than they do on your website, more succinct, more powerful... I was truly surprised at how much more impact they have on the page than on my moniter. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in the presence of those peaks. Well, actually, I don't have to imagine, because you do a pretty damn good job of conveying it.
And you did a great job of laying out the book... I love those little color photos on the left-hand pages; they enliven the whole book in a way I wasn't expecting. They give it this juicy quality that is the perfect counterpoint to the drama on the facing pages.
the writing is so rich, in the way that you are able to pack an enormous amount into a single paragraph. My god, you think a lot, don't you??? and you feel a lot, and you experience things on a level that most people don't even know exists."   --Sarah, RI

“When the book arrived in my store, it was immediately passed from hand to hand among the staff, who were impressed with the breathtaking images and beautiful design.  It is, quite simply, a gorgeous book.  Throw out any preconceived notion of what a self-published book looks like, because this one is a marvel.”                        --Christie Olson Day, owner of Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, CA

"From my brother Thomas Berry I bring thanks for and appreciation of the priceless Ganite Avatars of Patagonia.  With text vying for photography in beauty, wonder, mystery, even evocation of divinity, this is a book for the ages, and credit is due you for your vision, courage, and persistence in a journey that must have had its ordeals.
Thomas thanks you for the gift of this book and wishes all success critical reception and in rewards that usually accompany such a first class achievement." --Margaret, NC

I received your book.  The first thing that I did was to look at all the photographs and then...I started to cry!  Then, I started to read.  I am only on page 60 and I am enjoying every word!  You write beautifully. --Chris, CA

I just received your book, "The Granite Avatars of Patagonia" as a wonderful gift from my cousin and wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful compilation of images and words from this magical place. --Rochelle, CAThe book is gorgeous and spectacular! --Tony, CA

My friend just showed me your book. I was really impressed. the pictures were beautiful. I am now going through a spiritual growth in my life and what little I read of your book was very powerful for me. --Maxine, CA

"I just finished the book last night after two late night sessions
reading and viewing.  Great work Tom.  I felt as though I was walking with you.” --Hugh, CA

"The books just came yesterday.  I would have trouble expressing how truly beautiful this book is. Thank you." --Mike, MA

“The books have arrived.  Congratulations, it is excellent.  I can’t wait to gift them to friends on special occasions. I think that, due to your adventures and your studies,  you have developed a deep introspection of the world and its beauty.  Your appreciation of nature and its creatures comes thru loud and clear.            --Kevin, VA

“Your book is absolutely magnificent! Thank you for your art and insight!”   Pat, CA

“I think the book turned out beautifully.  The surprise joy is the little color pictures inset in the text that work so well.  That's one part which really enhances the book... a bit of spice on the starch of the text pages... which I don't mean to imply are lacking. I enjoyed the conversational style of your writing, and how great depth is folded with discipline into nearly every observation.”                --Asia, AK

“I finally got an afternoon to read your book from cover to cover.  Awesome!  I thoroughly enjoyed it--with just a tad of envy....  I was able to be there through you, looking up until my neck hurt, drinking until midnight with los Argentinos, getting annoyed at el polaco loco.”      --Chad, CA

“ The book is so wonderful, Tom...and not just the photos. I think the final pages are glorious!”            --Katia, CA

“The book is incredible--absolutely stunning.  Extraordinarily well done.”             --Beth, CA

“The book came a couple of days ago, and I really enjoy it. It is a beautiful book. I have sat down with it many times, and relish it like a fine wine.”             --G. Brad Lewis, HI

“Everyone who writes a book thinks that their book is good.  WELL, in your case it is beyond good--it is inspirational. Anyway I am thoroughly enjoying reading the text and, of course, the fantastic fotos.”             --Ron, CA

“What an incredible book!!!” --Wayne, Alaska Nature Photographer

I got the book. Amazing, extraordinary, hard-to-believe beautiful pictures, terrific print quality! And I really like the chops. --Margaret, VA

“I like the cover and the content very much. It is  esthetically very appealing, and the photos are just AWESOME !
“I do relate to the spiritual impact that nature can give you thru shear appreciation. It leaves you almost speechless except for an ‘Oh my God!’ expression.” --Yasmine, Nepal

“...The book, the adventures, the photographs are extraordinary and exquisite. I love the whole journey. I’d read a bit and then savor it all in my imagination for a while, living an experience in a place I may never physically be. And I love the chops and thinking of the placement as part of the composition.” --Kathleen, CA

I'm looking forward to reading the complete text of your book, which so far has been warmly enveloping. --Henry, FL

“I just received your book!  I love it!  The photos are amazing, and what a nice quality!  It's amazing and I am proud to have one of first edition!”

--Tyra, British Columbia 

“Wasn't sure what I was going to read or see in the way of photographs, but I am happy to offer on both counts what I was treated to vastly exceeded my expectations. I thank you for going to the trouble and effort to take on such a looming undertaking.
 “I feel vicariously I was there and felt the rush when all was just right, the light, the mist, the alignment of the foreground, mid-ground and mountains... the prize image of those magnificent mountains.” --Dick, CA